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Terri Lynn's

Cafe & Catering

133 East Market Street
New Albany, IN 47150

Party Express
Hors d'oeuvres Trays


Our hors d'oeuvres selections can be displayed on our disposable black trays or you can bring your trays to us a day or two before your pick up. Some items include a serving tray and some do not.  Please read carefully. Also, some items have a minimum purchase and some require more than a 36 hour notice.  When picking up your order, please park in the alley next to the Cafe and call to let us know you have arrived. We will bring your order out to you.
(Look for the sign on the side of the building.)

***PLEASE NOTE - It is very important that you arrive for pick up at your scheduled time. If you cannot be at the Cafe by your scheduled time, please call to let us know. Also if you need to come early, please call to ensure that your order is ready. We run a tight schedule!!

Fall 2023 - Winter 2024

GRAZE TRAYS........catch the craze!!!!! 

(minimum 3 day notice, please )

Charcuterie Tray

an amazing assortment of cured meats, cheeses, dried fruit, nuts, fresh fruit, mixed pitted olives, pickles and condiments served with assorted crackers.

Small       10"        

Medium   16"       

Large       18"      


Italian Antipasto Tray

pepperoni, salami, proscuitto, mozzarella balls, Italian artisan cheeses, Sicilian olives, roasted red pepper, zucchini, grape tomatoes, cheese filled tortellini, cannelLini & sun dried tomato dip, lemon pesto whipped ricotta and fresh basil tomato bruschetta served with toasted baguette slices and specialty crackers



Mediterranean Mezze Tray               .

mini phyllo cups filled with rosemary chicken salad, roasted red pepper hummus, creamy feta and dill spread, goat cheese with fig jam and pistachios drizzled with honey accompanied by cucumbers, celery, carrots, grape tomatoes, greek olives, pita chips and soft flat bread

Small            10"

Medium Tray  16"    

Large Tray      18"   

Dessert Cheeses, Fruit and Chocolate Tray

soft dessert cheeses with grapes, berries, dried fruit, dried nuts, specialty cookies, chocolate and assorted gourmet crackers

Small Tray          

Medium Tray      

Large Tray          

Asparagus Caprese Tray

marinated asparagus tips, grape tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella balls

Small Tray           $  85  15 - 20 guests

Medium Tray       $150  30 - 35 guests

Large Tray           $190  40 - 45 guests

Loaded Hummus with Pita Chips

Classic hummus drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with our tuscan seasoning blend and garnished with cucumber, tomatoes, kalamata olives and crumbled feta. Price includes pita chips

Small Tray        $  56   15 - 20 guests

Medium Tray    $  96   30 - 35 guests

Large Tray        $125   40 - 45 guests

9 Layer Fiesta Dip with Tortilla Chips

re-fried beans, southwest cream cheese, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, green onions, black olives and jalapeño peppers layered and topped with our cilantro lime salsa. Price includes chips

Small Tray          $  45   15 - 20 guests

Medium Tray      $  79   30 - 35 guests

Large Tray          $101   40 - 45 guests

Cheese Cube Display 
assorted cheese cubes with grapes and kiwi. Price Include crackers.

Small Tray         $  45   15 - 20 guests

Medium Tray     $  88   30 - 35 guests

Large Tray         $100   40 - 45 guests


Fresh Fruit Display 

chunks of pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, clusters of grapes and a kiwi star

Small Tray          $  65   20 - 25 guests

Medium Tray      $  96   35 - 40 guests

Large Tray          $130   45 - 50 guests

Fresh Vegetable Crudite Display with Dip

Assorted seasonal crudités creatively displayed and served with choice of peppercorn or creamy garden ranch dip

Small Tray       $45     20 - 25 guests

Medium Tray   $72     35 - 40 guests

Large Tray       $90     45 - 50 guests

Chilled Dips

Fresh Basil and Tomato Bruschetta  $14/pint
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus $9/pint

Classic Hummus $8/pint

Black Bean and Corn Salsa $11/pint

Cilantro Lime Salsa $10/pint

Peeled Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail -  market price

(2 pound minimum)

served with choice of 1 dip:

cranberry chipotle cocktail sauce, horseradish sauce, plain cocktail sauce, lemon caper aioli, or creamy pesto


Mini Savory Phyllo Tarts $14/dozen 

(minimum of 3 dozen of each flavor)

If you are serving these the next day, we will pack shells separately from filling for you to assemble just prior to serving
Rosemary Chicken Salad

Derby Chicken with Swiss and Bacon

Fresh Basil, Tomato and Mozzarella

Spinach, Feta and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Goat Cheese and Fig Jam with Pistachios

Brie with Cranberry Coulis and Walnuts

Tortilla Pinwheels $15/roll 

(minimum of 3 rolls of each flavor)

Black Bean, Red Pepper and Cumin Scented Cream Cheese

Spinach, Sun Dried Tomato and Feta Herb Cream Cheese

Spinach, Cranberry, Feta and Herb Cream Cheese

Roasted Red Pepper Veggie Cream Cheese

Olive, Red Pepper and Herb Cream Cheese


Tortilla Pinwheels (with meat) $18/roll 

(minimum of 3 rolls of each flavor)

Mesquite Turkey with Cranberry Cream Cheese
Caesar Chicken with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Parmesan 
Ham and Swiss with Dijon Crea
m Cheese
Spicy Chicken and Green Chile Cream Cheese

Spicy Pork and Pico de Gallo Cream Cheese

Salami with Olives, Peppers and Parmesan Cream Cheese

Marinated Skewers   $2.75 each

(2 dz. minimum of each flavor)

(2 dz. minimum of each flavor)
    Tortellini, Black Olive and Grape Tomatoes
    Tortellini, Green Olive and Cheese Cube
    Grape Tomato, Mozzarella and Black Olive


    Tortellini, Pepperoni and Cheese Cube 



(crackers are not included)
     serves 70+         serves 50 +            serves 20+

     Large $90       Medium  $70         Small $45

Cheddar Pecan Cheese Torte 

topped with Raspberry Coulis 

Bleu Cheese and Walnut Torte

topped with House Chutney
Cheddar Jalapeno and Pepita Torte 

topped with Jalapeno Jam 


    serves 70+         serves 50 +            serves 20+

    Large $100       Medium  $80       Small $60

Pumpkin Seed, White Cheddar & Sage Cheese Torte

topped with Apple Chutney

Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Pesto Cheese Torte

topped with Tomato Jam

Goat Cheese and Pistachio Cheese Torte

topped with Apricot Fig Jam Compote


(does not include a serving bowl)

White Tortilla Chips $7/pound

Entertainment Crackers $4/sleeve

Pita Chips $9/bag

Soft Mini Flat Bread $9/bag 

Toasted Baguette Slices (plain) $6/loaf

Toasted Baguette Slices (garlic)$7/loaf



(2 quart minimum on all dips) price does not include chips or crackers


Spinach & Jalapeño Con Queso $18/quart

Baked Fiesta Corn and Green Chile Dip $20/quart

Baked Spinach, Tomato and Artichoke Dip $20/quart

Baked Spinach, Butternut Squash & Gruyere $20/quart


Baked Caramelized Onion, Bacon & Gruyere Dip $20/qt. 
Baked Sicilian Pepperoni and Olive Dip $22/quart
Baked Kentucky Hot Brown Dip $22/quart


Baked Brie en Croute $50 (will serve 35- 40 guests)

   Apricot Almond            Fig Jam

   Balsamic Honey Pecan     Apple Chutney

   Cranberry Coulis          


Stuffed Mushrooms $18/ dozen 

(minimum of 4 dozen of each flavor)    

Bleu cheese and walnut
Spinach, fet
a and sun dried tomato
Spinach, artichoke and gruyere

Parmesan, sage bread crumb

Spinach, cream cheese and bacon

Chorizo sausage and cornbread
Italian sausage and bread crumb

Glazed Chicken Tenders $3 

(We like to cut these into 3 bite sized pieces before marinating and cooking. We suggest 1 tender or 3 bites per person) 

   (Minimum of 1 dozen of each flavor)

    Kentucky Bourbon Glaze     Margarita Lime

     Sesame Teriyaki             Apricot Mustard

     Cranberry Madeira          Rosemary            


Quesadillas served with Sour Cream & Salsa

(minimum of 4 dozen of each flavor)
Black bean, corn and rice with co-jack cheese $16/dozen

Southwest chicken, green chile & colby jack $20/dozen


Warm Sliders

Hot Brown (turkey, bacon, swiss and tomato) $38/dozen

Italian Ham & Salami $40/dozen

Ham and Swiss $34/dozen


Savory Strudels $60/braid

(@ 32 bite sized pieces)
Cranberry, balsamic, pistachio and brie

Bleu cheese, walnut and apple chutney

Spinach, mushroom, butternut squash and gruyere


Italian sausage, spinach, cremini mushrooms

       and asiago cheese

Tuscan chicken with mozzarella, parmesan, green olives,

       sun dried tomatoes, spinach and pepperoncini

Caesar chicken with parmesan and tomatoes 
Prosciutto, goat cheese and apricot fig jam

Meatballs $15/pound (approx. 32 per pound)
Honey barbecue glaze

Bourbon brown sugar glaze

Cranberry glaze



All sandwiches are packed in a foil container.

They can be displayed on black trays for $7 per tray.

Marinated & Slow Roasted Pork Tenderloin*

    $34/dozen on Mini Yeast Rolls

    with Apple Chutney Aioli

     with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli

* 3 dozen minimum

 Slow Roasted Beef Round*   

    $36/dozen on Mini Yeast Rolls

        with Gorgonzola Aioli

         with Horseradish Sauce

* 3 dozen minimum

Glazed Ham with Maple Bourbon Mustard Sauce

    $28/dozen on Mini Yeast Rolls

    $32/dozen on Petite Croissants 


Turkey with Cranberry Mayo

     $28/dozen on Mini Yeast Rolls

    $32/dozen on Petite Croissants 

Terri Lynn's Signature Chicken Salad

     $34/dozen on Mini Yeast Rolls

   $36/dozen on Petite Croissants 

Apple Walnut Chicken Salad

     $36/dozen on Mini Yeast Rolls

   $38/dozen on Petite Croissants 


Old fashioned crust-less sandwiches.

(Please order a minimum of 2 dozen of each flavor)

Benedictine $16/dozen                      

Pimento Cheese $14/dozen

Cranberry Cream Cheese $12/dozen

Olive Cream Cheese $12/dozen

Salmon & Dill Spread $25/dozen

        All sandwiches are packed in a foil container.

    Heavy disposable black trays are available for $7 

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