• Due to the high demand for an individually wrapped breakfast we are now offering a breakfast box.                                                                         

  • There is a $150 minimum* order for breakfast deliveries and a $20 delivery fee.  A 36 hour advance notice prior to delivery is required.


  • If you have difficulty meeting this minimum and require only a few boxes, we will be happy to drop off your order the afternoon before your breakfast meeting.   

  • Coffee is available in a disposable boxed dispenser. 

  *If your location falls outside of the  downtown area, your minimum food purchase for delivery may be higher than $100.

Click on our POLICIES page for

more information

Executive Breakfast Box


Fresh Baked Muffin


Fresh Fruit Cup

6  oz. Yogurt served with a side our Honey Almond Granola

Includes cutlery and napkin

$7 per box

Petite Breakfast Box
Fresh Baked Muffin


Fresh Fruit Cup


includes cutlery & napkin



*Sub Silk Yogurt $2 extra
*Sub Vegan Muffin $1.50 extra
*Sub Gluten Free Muffin $1.50 extra

Add a little extra.................

These selections will be individually wrapped and displayed in a disposable chafing dish to keep them warm. Guests can grab one or you can have one of your associates hand them out for an even safer option.

Breakfast Frittatas    

         $36/small  (24 - 2" triangles)

         $70/large  (48 -2" triangles)

Similar to quiche, this is a great breakfast item, and it is GLUTEN FREE!!! Eggs and potatoes are combined with meats and cheeses for this Italian delight.

   Sausage, Diced Tomatoes and Cheddar      

   Bacon and Cheddar 

   Ham, Mushrooms and Gruyere

   Spinach, Diced Tomatoes and Asiago 

Breakfast Croissants $8/each (minimum 8 per order)

Egg and cheese on a flaky croissant with choice of ham, bacon or sausage. These are large enough that we slice them in half for 2 hearty portions.  

Breakfast Biscuits $4.50/each (minimum 1 dozen per order)

Egg and cheese on a fluffy biscuit with  choice of ham, bacon or sausage

Individual Breakfast Trifles (minimum of 10)  $4.50

layers of blueberry bread, strawberry compote, yogurt cream and our homemade granola

All of our cold drinks include cups and ice and coffee includes sweeteners and half and half cream


Orange Juice     $16/gallon
(A gallon yields @ 20- 6 oz. or 32- 4 oz.)

Bottled Spring Water 16 oz.   $1.60/each 

Coffee (Regular or Decaf)       $22/Box  (115 oz.)

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