Summer 2021
Terri Lynn's 

Terri Lynn's Catering has relocated to historic down-town New Albany, Indiana. With this move, we have made some major changes to our business. We have spent many weeks creating our café concept. Now, many of the yummy foods that were available only for delivery or pick up are available in our café. We serve breakfast and lunch Tuesday thru Saturday, featuring many of our longtime favorite dishes such as our everything breakfast bowl, yogurt and granola trifle, chicken salad, pasta salad and our infamous seasonal mandarin salad with orange poppy seed dressing. We also have daily specials and soup selections. You can even pick up dinner for the family from what is available in our display case.                                                 
CATERING PICK UP AND CAFE CARRY OUT     Terri Lynn's offers extensive menus for pick up. Whether you need a few dinners to relieve some stress or are having a major celebration, we can accommodate your menu needs. Terri Lynn's Café is prepared with grab and go selections for our patrons who are on a tight lunch schedule.  If you need a large carry out order for lunch we do ask that you please try to order the day before.                                                  
CATERING DELIVERIES                           
Terri Lynn's Catering delivers breakfast and lunch Monday thru Friday. Deliveries are subject to availability. We ask for at least a 36 hour advance notice but if you would like you can reserve space on our delivery calendar well in advance of your meeting. We ask for a *minimum $150 food purchase for catering breakfast deliveries and a minimum $100 food purchase for lunch. There is a $25 delivery fee for Southern Indiana and Downtown Louisville. We can possibly accommodate larger deliveries for customers outside of downtown. Ask about minimums and delivery fees.    

Catering by Design, Inc.

*Minimums are based on delivery locations within a 10 mile radius of our Café. If your location falls outside that area, higher minimums and delivery charges will apply.

Serving Southern Indiana and
Louisville for over 22 years!

Our Café is now Open!!

from our kitchen........
                straight to your heart! ♥

Café Hours
  Tuesday thru Saturday
10:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Sunday & Monday Closed

Catering Deliveries
Monday thru Friday 
7 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
Saturday by appointment

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